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Kamala Harris. Photo: Reuters

Kamala Harris' autobiography 'Our truth,' to be in Spanish by March

U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris will publish her autobiography in Spanish on March 31.


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Our Truth (Nuestra Verdad), the official autobiography of Kamala Harris, will be published in Spanish on March 31 by the Planeta group and simultaneously in 17 countries, including the United States.

The book tells the story of the first woman of African-American origin and South-Asian roots to be Vice President of the U.S. Her path to office is but one part of the whole story.

Harris, who was raised by her Indian mother in an African-American community, has always been closely associated with civil rights, and writes about speaking out against prejudice, and about the people who have inspired her in the book.

She has a law degree from the University of California. Until recently, she was a U.S. Senator from California, but her career has come a long way. She started in the Alameda County District Attorney's Office, and was then elected District Attorney of San Francisco.

As Attorney General of California, she worked to prosecute transnational gangs, big banks, oil companies, and even for-profit universities.

Harris also worked with the U.S. open data initiative, demonstrating racial disparities in the criminal justice system and implementing implicit bias training for police officers, fighting police brutality based on bias and difference.

Among the major struggles Harris has been working on are reforming the U.S. criminal justice system, raising the minimum wage, making higher education free, and protecting the legal rights of refugees and immigrants.

Harris' autobiography recounts her personal journey: her interest in and priority for fighting for social justice for social justice and defending the most vulnerable; her work defending abused children; her fight for gay marriage during her tenure as California attorney general; and for families evicted during the mortgage crisis. 

"A personal story that manages to move," acknowledged the Los Angeles Times, chronicling the most pivotal moments in Harris' life.

Her story is certainly inspirational for women around the world. Written with great honesty, it is not only an example of perseverance but also of hope. It shows readers that opportunities exist and they must go for them, and allows them to evaluate the important political and social changes experienced in the last five decades and the challenges that lie ahead.


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