Claudia Romo Edelman, founder of the We Are All Human Foundation, visited the AL DÍA newsroom in July. Photo: Harrison Brink
Claudia Romo Edelman, founder of the We Are All Human Foundation, visited the AL DÍA newsroom in July. Photo: Harrison Brink

The National Hispanic Leadership Summit comes to New York City


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To culminate a productive and action-packed year filled with summits across the U.S., We Are All Human Foundation will be hosting the National Hispanic Leadership Summit next week. 

Taking place at the United Nations in New York City, this National Hispanic Leadership Summit is the last of four regional summits that took place throughout 2019 in San Francisco, Dallas and Chicago.

Each summit is conducive to reporting and discussing the steps that need to be taken in order to capitalize on the momentum of the U.S. Hispanic community. 

“Our task is to create an action plan together to advance the agenda of U.S. Hispanics,” Claudia Romo Edelman, founder of We Are All Human Foundation, said in a statement. 

We Are All Human Foundation conducted and analyzed a lot of research to understand the views of the U.S. Hispanic community. They found that there is a gap between the presence of U.S. Hispanics and the reality of how they are presented and perceived. 

The two most glaring realities from the insights they found are:

  •  The Hispanic community is fragmented 
  • The Hispanic community is misrepresented, underrepresented, and undervalued.

“We are 18 percent of the US population and growing, we are 12 percent of GDP and growing. Hispancs are young, vibrant and a driving force of the new American middle class, yet we are only 1% of political and corporate leadership,” added Romo Edelman in a statement. “Hispanics are incredible contributors to the country, yet not seen, not heard, not valued.”

During last year’s National Hispanic Leadership Summit, Hispanic leaders and allies across various sectors gathered to identify and prioritize the top three issues that have played into the fragmentation of U.S. Hispanics. 

The priorities identified were:  

  • Access to education 
  • Financial empowerment
  • Perception change in and of the Hispanic community

With these priorities in mind, this year’s National Hispanic Leadership Summit will serve as an opportunity for cross-sector Hispanic decision makers to look at the market opportunity and trends for the U.S. Hispanic community. 

In addition to Romo Edelman, other notable leaders who will be in attendance include Henry Cisneros, co-chief investment officer and chairman at American Triple Partners; Janet Murguia, president & CEO of UnidosUS; Andre Arbelaez, CEO & president of the Hispanic C-Suite Corporate Council (HC3); Cid Wilson, president & CEO of the Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility (HACR); Damian Rivera, CEO of ALPFA; Nina Vaca, chairman & CEO of the Pinnacle Group; Ramiro Cavazos, president & CEO of the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC); and Raquel Tamez, CEO of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE).

The summit will begin with an overview of Hispanics in the United States, with key facts and figures about today’s U.S. Hispanic population. It will then transition to a review of the three other Hispanic Leadership Summits throughout the year, followed by three roundtable discussions regarding the three priorities that were identified during last year’s National Hispanic Leadership Summit (access to education, financial empowerment, perception change in and of the Hispanic community).

Other topics that will be discussed are: diversity and inclusion in the C-suite; a keynote on the 2020 U.S. Census; and Latin culture in the U.S. mainstream media. The summit will conclude with a review of the next steps that will take place in order to turn insight into action heading into 2020. 

For the full agenda, click here

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