Photo: Twitter of Hispanic Federation.
Photo: Twitter of Hispanic Federation.

Multi-state Latino nonprofit organization, Hispanic Federation has nearly $1 million to give to Hartford’s Latino organizations


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Multi-state Latino nonprofit organization, Hispanic Federation, is looking for applications for the $900,000 in grants it will distribute to local, community-based organizations that work to strengthen Latino communities and families in the Hartford area, with the hopes of investing in organizations that are most trusted and ensuring resources are going to those who need them. 

Hispanic Federation CEO and President Frankie Miranda said that helping support Latino and all communities of color that have historically been marginalized requires sustained investment and culturally linguistically competent outreach.

“That’s where initiatives such as the Community Reinvestment Pilot Program come into play. By investing in local organizations who are trusted messengers in our community, we’re making sure that resources are making it into the hands of community members who need them most,” he said.

According to the program’s requirements, eligible organizations must lead programs and services that focus on education, recreation and arts, addressing homelessness, family stability, reentry programs that support formerly incarcerated individuals and their families, among others.

Hispanic Federation’s New England Regional Director Yanidsi Velez expressed excitement over their partnership with Connecticut’s Social Equity Council and kick-starting the Community Reinvestment Pilot Program.

“This visionary initiative will empower communities that have historically been marginalized,” Velez said.

“Moreover, this pilot program is a testament to our commitment to bolstering the efforts of local nonprofit organizations that are supporting formerly incarcerated individuals, young residents, seniors, and families across Connecticut,” she said. “With these grants, we aim to foster transformative programs that create positive change and provide invaluable opportunities to those in need.”

Organizations must have 501(c)(3) IRS nonprofit tax-exempt status, or be under the fiscal sponsorship of a nonprofit with tax exempt status; must have been operating in the city of Hartford for at least three years as an incorporated nonprofit zip codes: 06103, 06105, 06106, 06112, 06114, 06120 and 06160; be currently registered with the state Department of Consumer Protection Charities Unit, and have an operating budget of at least $150,000, according to the program.

Those eligible may be able to receive up to $100,000 in funding to support their work. 

The grants are part of the Connecticut Social Equity Council and its Community Reinvestment Pilot Program that also awarded the Hispanic Foundation $1 million to support local groups serving in Hartford, which is designated by the state as a disproportionately impacted area, according to the program.

Completed applications must be submitted by 5 p.m, August 25, 2023. The awardees will be announced by Oct. 1, following a review, according to the program.

Velez added it’s crucial that a particular grant allows them to support programs that provide critical resources for many community members.

“It allows us the opportunity to support services needed to prepare residents for reentry, (while) expanding enrichment programs serving youth, families, communities across the state. So this actually provides a very transformative opportunity for organizations that provide direct services and create positive change and opportunities to those in need,” she said.

The aim is to “provide opportunities to these organizations that are very active in working with youth (in) education, recreation, art, enrichment programs, even workforce preparation…financial literacy or physical/mental health, wellness, mentoring, just to mention a few of the program areas that we are looking to support through this grant.”

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