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Español a-la-Walter Cronkite no puede regularse desde España

 12/23/2009 - 12:47
Español a-la-Walter Cronkite no puede regularse desde España

Nos complicamos tanto en formalidades en nuestro mundo hispano –una de
las fortalezas de nuestra rica cultura, y desafortunadamente también
una de nuestras mayores debilidades- que hasta creamos una suerte de
Templo a las Letras, una Catedral para nuestros fonemas o quizá una
Santa Inquisición para nuestra simple gramática y peor ortografía.

How to deal with violent DVDs, games for kids

 12/07/2009 - 11:16
How to deal with violent DVDs, games for kids

'Tis the season to be jolly! You're stuffed from the turkey and trimmings, all the relatives have been placated for the time being, and the Christmas carols haven't gotten on your nerves yet.

But things are moving quickly. There are greeting cards to mail, people to visit, electronic gadgets to hunt down and parties to get to. You're busy. Verrrrry busy. And stressed out, and even a little overwhelmed . . . ummmm, maybe this is not the time to ask for a favor?

Well, here I go anyway, but I'll make it as simple as possible: Please feed me.

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Esther Cepeda

Writers Got Fight, Too

 12/03/2009 - 15:15
Writers Got Fight, Too

So much so, one of them punched the other so hard, it became part of
the legend that still surrounds the personal lives of two Titans of
“Magic Realism” in Latin America, Poet Laurate Gabriel García Márquez
(Colombia) and Chief Architect of Spanish-language Letters, Don Mario
Vargas Llosa (Perú).

Los escritores también tienen valentía

 12/03/2009 - 15:01
Los escritores también tienen valentía

Tanto fue así, que uno de ellos le propinó un fuerte  puñetazo al otro,
y esto se convirtió en parte de la leyenda que aún rodea la vida
personal de dos titanes del “Realismo Mágico” en Latinoamérica, el
laureado poeta Gabriel García Márquez (Colombia) y “arquitecto en jefe”
de las Letras en español, Don Mario Vargas Llosa  (Perú).

Ojo con el 'nuevo' Lou Dobbs

 12/02/2009 - 11:20

Hace unas cuantas semanas, al dejar abruptamente su puesto con CNN,
plataforma de cada noche para la perspectiva anti-inmigrante de Lou
Dobbs, los grupos cívicos latinos estaban que no cabían en sí.
Declararon un éxito su campaña contra Dobbs, llamada “Drop Dobbs”. El
último de los originales locutores de CNN dejó la red se reporta con
una recompensa de ocho millones de dólares.

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Obama signals changed in Latin American outlook with Yzaguirre appoiment

 12/01/2009 - 11:53

Raúl Yzaguirre may become the first U.S. ambassador who, at the time of
his nomination, already has a policy institute (at the University of
Texas, Pan American) named after him, as well as a charter school (in
Houston) and a whole building just a few blocks from the White House.

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USCIS Updates FY 2010 H-1B Count (Updated 11/24/09)

 11/27/2009 - 10:48

USCIS has informed us that as of November 20, 2009 it had approved
sufficient H-1B petitions for aliens with advanced degrees to meet the
exemption of 20,000 from the fiscal year 2010 cap (recall: there are
65,000 H-1B numbers available each fiscal year for individuals holding
the equivalent of a four year U.S. year and another 20,000 for those
holding U.S. master degrees).

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La reforma educativa: más allá de las borlas

 11/20/2009 - 04:55

La última vez que hubo una reforma importante con la amplitud que ahora
se requiere, Dwight D. Eisenhower era presidente. Se hizo responsable
de la ley de Educación y Defensa Nacional de 1958, cuando la Unión
Soviética lanzó Sputnik y nos preocupaba tener que fortalecer nuestras
capacidades en las matemáticas y las ciencias.

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Economic tier scheme for CPS selective enrollment schools: go back to the drawing board

 11/16/2009 - 11:53
Economic tier scheme for CPS selective enrollment schools: go back to the drawing board

Looking back on it, I just don’t know how I made it in.

Growing up at Addison and Lincoln there was no question where I wanted to go to high school: the gorgeous, ivy-covered walls of Albert G. Lane Technical High School up the street at Addison and Western.

The place where, every time I mentioned it, older folks would say "that place, yeah, my brother went there…before they let girls in."

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Esther Cepeda

Some Varooom For Education

 11/11/2009 - 06:34

   HOUSTON — After trying for laughs in Hollywood nightclubs, game
shows and the Latino comedy TV circuit, comedian Ernie G. got a chance
to make some staid business and government types chuckle at a National
Council of La Raza conference a few years ago. He told them how he got
to college. His message: "Nowadays, you got to go to college,
especially if you want a nice ride." Today, it’s a TV spot for
community college recruiting.

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"Conduciendo sin hablar inglés": La nueva infracción de tráfico de tráfico

 11/08/2009 - 03:55

Llámelo ‘DWE’ las siglas en inglés para “driving without English” ó más
claro en español, “conduciendo sin hablar inglés” e instantáneamente
nos topamos con una novísima infracción de tráfico.  Grave “crimen”,
supuestamente igual de grave que el ‘DUI’ que significa conducir bajo
el efecto de las drogas o el alcohol, por el intolerante grupo de
gentes que propone que los demás “hablen solo inglés ó que se vayan del

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Choices: To Marry or Not to Marry?

 10/30/2009 - 09:19

Graciela is 72 years old and a citizen of the U.S. She came to this
country over 60 years ago as a young girl. She married her childhood
sweetheart, like her, a naturalized U.S. citizen, and had three
children with him. 23 years ago she buried him, after cancer attacked.
Despondent, widowed and alone save for her three children, she barely
managed to get up every morning, go to work and be there for her
children who, like her, were devastated by the loss of their hero,
their father.

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