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Philadelphia Eagles defensive player Steven Means (2-L), Philadelphia Eagles defensive player Malcolm Jenkins (3-L) and Philadelphia Eagles defensive player Ron Brooks (4-L) stand with their fists in the air during the singing of the US National Anthem before the start of the NFL American Football game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field in Chicago, Illinois, USA, 19 September 2016. EPA-EFE/FILE/TANNEN MAURY

The administration of President Donald Trump made the announcement about the NFL champions after learning that only a small number of Philadelphia Eagles representatives intended to visit the White House.

Winner’s High

 02/12/2018 - 14:22
Photographed by Mónica Marie Zorrilla. 

After the dramatic win that scored The Eagles their first Lombardi, Philly fans have been flying high with wings of glory and a Bud Light in hand. Here’s a recap of the “Green Fever” that stuck its talons through the City’s heart last week.

La Asociación de la Industria de Viajes de Texas se pone del lado de los Transexuales

 08/09/2017 - 05:47
Logotipo de la TTIA

La Asociación de la Industria de Viajes de Texas (TTIA, en su siglas en inglés) y otros grupos del sector cargaron hoy contra un proyecto de ley estatal que obligará a las personas transexuales a usar el baño según su partida de nacimiento.

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