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Map showing the route approved by Nebraska for the last section of the Keystone XL pipeline.

Nebraska regulators have approved the last stretch necessary for TransCanada to conclude the route of the Keystone XL pipeline through the state, giving Trump his second victory in a week.

[OP-ED]: Who’s afraid of the ‘administrative state’?

 03/07/2017 - 15:28
It’s time to make the administrative state a mainstream concept, through the creation of a regulatory budget. The point is not to justify the instant repeal of most rules, as Bannon’s critics fear, but to improve understanding and accountability.

Just what White House chief strategist Stephen Bannon meant when he recently suggested “deconstructing the administrative state” is unclear. To critics, he would gut the whole superstructure of social and environmental safeguards, starting with the Environmental Protection Agency (which, say news reports, may face a staff cut of one-fifth). But regardless of Bannon’s meaning, the relentless growth of the administrative state is a reality that we can’t escape.

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Robert J. Samuelson

[OP-ED]: For Donald Trump it is all a big joke.

 12/15/2016 - 14:11
US President-elect Donald Trump (r), accompanied by his vice president, Mike Pence (l), speaks at a meeting of technology industry leaders at Trump Tower in New York. EFE

Yes, the President-elect has such a great sense of humor that he has picked former Texas governor Rick Perry to head the Energy Department, the same federal agency Perry has said he wants to do away with.

It may sound strange to name someone who wants to scrap it as head of a government agency in charge of some pretty serious stuff like monitoring the Iran nuclear deal, building nuclear weapons and maintaining them, and regulating fracking and offshore drilling. 


[OP-ED]: Para Donald Trump todo es un gran chiste.

 12/15/2016 - 01:03

El presidente electo tiene tal sentido del humor que ha escogido al exgobernador de Texas, Rick Perry, para dirigir el Departamento de Energía, la misma agencia federal que Perry ha querido eliminar durante años.

 Puede sonar extraño que se nombre a alguien que busca abolirla al frente de una agencia federal responsable de asuntos tan serios como supervisar el pacto nuclear con Irán, fabricar y mantener las armas nucleares, y regular las excavaciones petroleras en mar abierto.