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In 2020, Latinos will constitute the largest nonwhite voting bloc in the U.S. Source: Getty.
Michelle Myers, Nigel Thompson, Emily Neil

From Philly to PA, and beyond, Latino voters could have an outsized impact at the polls this year. But who’s taking notice?

El futuro verde de Pensilvania

 05/31/2019 - 11:39
Patrick McDonnell, secretary of the PA Department of Environmental Protection, spoke at AL DÍA News on May 8 about the state's efforts to adapt to and confront the effects of climate change. Photo: Lee Nentwig / AL DÍA News

Ciudades, estados y corporaciones luchan contra el cambio climático ante la ausencia de una legislación nacional. Patrick McDonnell, secretario de protección ambiental de Pensilvania, da la voz de alarma en una entrevista exclusiva con AL DÍA. 

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Yamily Habib y Emily Neil

El primer demócrata en encabezar la oficina del sheriff en el condado de Montgomery se lanza a la reelección

 05/08/2019 - 18:40
Sheriff Sean Kilkenny at the AL DÍA newsroom. Photo: Emily Neil / AL DÍA News

El sheriff Sean Kilkenny afirmó que desea continuar sus esfuerzos para lograr una mayor diversidad en la oficina del sheriff, aumentar la transparencia, y otros aspectos más en lo que sería su segundo periodo en la oficina.


Josh Shapiro talks the Catholic Church sex abuse scandal. He also answered questions on immigration and opioids

 03/07/2019 - 09:22
Attorney General of Pennsylvania, Josh Shapiro (right) talks to AL DÍA's CEO, Hernán Guaracao (left) about the arduous investigation of his office against institutionalized sexual abuse. Photo: Alan Simpson

Shapiro joined AL DÍA last week to discuss the Office's prosecutions of predator priests for sexual abuse of children, leaving open a hotline for the public to continue denunciation of cases beyond the 1,000 uncovered by a Grand Jury Report.