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Photograph provided Oct 21 showing a scientist hard at work at the National Center of Genetic Resources (CNRG) in Guadalajara, Mexico, Oct 11, 2018. EPA-EFE/Zoilo Carrillo

One of the most important labs in Latin America is preserving genetic resources to protect species from future natural catastrophes, specifically ones that are important to human survival. 

Disaster in Colombia

 04/03/2017 - 02:32
Residents of Mocoa, Colombia, move among the city's ruins on April 2, 2017, after a mudslide wiped away portions of 17 neighborhoods, killing more than 200 people. EFE/LEONARDO MUÑOZ

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos confirmed Sunday that at least 210 people died and 203 were injured in the mudslides that buried or wiped away part of the city of Mocoa, promising that the southern jungle city will be rebuilt.

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