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People are participating in multiple May Day marches and rallies around Los Angeles, calling for the support of labor and immigrant concerns such as wage improvement, immigration reform, and a citizenship question in the upcoming national census. Photo: David McNew / Getty Images

But Trump and his people have made racism, inhumanity and cruelty the pillars of this administration’s immigration policy, which means that this Mother’s Day sadness and uncertainty will shamefully take the place of joy and celebration for thousands of immigrant families. 

Moms get a day -- what they really need is a good job

 05/07/2010 - 05:44
Moms get a day -- what they really need is a good job

This week, people across the land will buy pink, frilly, and/or shiny
stuff to commemorate the Herculean effort their moms put into birthing
and raising them. As if brunch and a gift card to the local nail spa
could ever really express anyone's gratitude for not being left by the
side of the road after a particularly colicky night!

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Esther Cepeda