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Some things we understand best through music. This is the idea that led an MIT professor to represent through sounds the protein with which COVID-19 infects human cells.


No papers, no scholarship: Latino budding scientist becomes food truck chef

 06/20/2017 - 06:39
Dreamer Lorenzo Santillan in Phoenix, Arizona, United States. EFE/Beatriz Limon

After winning a prestigious robotics contest, Dreamer Lorenzo Santillan had the chance to become a scientist, but his immigration status kept him from getting a university scholarship and he had to find an alternative, which turned out to be a traveling food truck that he calls "Neither Here Nor There."

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uzgar a los estudiantes por sus calificaciones

 06/04/2014 - 12:10
uzgar a los estudiantes por sus calificaciones

Si es cierto que el factor No.1 para la desigualdad en EE.UU. es la finalización de la educación universitaria, como lo sugiere el profesor del Massachusetts Institute of Technology, David Autor, y otros académicos, entonces, ¿por qué no hay nadie prestando atención al esfuerzo de los estudiantes en la ecuación de éxito de la universidad?

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Esther Cepeda