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Rosario Dawson in Los Angeles. Photo: Rich Polk/Getty Images. 

The actress and girlfriend of the Democratic presidential candidate Cory Booker has been sued by a trans worker over allegation of gender discrimination and transphobic harassment.

Quality roles for Hispanics in Hollywood on the rise, says Martha Higareda

 03/16/2018 - 09:43
Mexican actress Martha Higareda arrives to the announcement of the 5th Platino Ibero American Cinema Awards nominations ceremony in Hollywood, California, United States, March 13, 2018. EFE

Martha Higareda, a Mexican actress who has found success in her leading role in the Netflix series "Altered Carbon," says stars like Salma Hayek and Demian Bichir have led the way for a growing number of Hispanic actors looking to step into quality acting roles in Hollywood. 

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Dolores del Río: Cuando la leyenda se convierte en un Doodle de Google

 08/09/2017 - 14:56
"Celebrating Dolores del Río" by Google 

Mucho antes de que los rostros de Ana de la Reguera, Kate del Castillo, Penélope Cruz y Salma Hayek abandonaran las portadas de la  ¡HOLA! y Vanidades para embellecer los tabloides de Hollywood y las colas de las salas ACME, había existido ya una belleza española de gran talento: Dolores del Río.


Dolores del Río: When Legends become Doodles

 08/03/2017 - 13:48
"Celebrating Dolores del Río" by Google 

Acclaimed "Golden Age" Mexican actress Dolores del Río is honored today in a floral Google Doodle as gorgeous as she was. A society heiress, a mistress to Orson Welles, a victim of McCarthyism, a spokeswoman for UNICEF, and a beauty that reportedly slept "sixteen hours a day" to keep her youthful looks, here's a look at the life of Dolores. 

"Film studios failed to realize what the Latino community means to the movie industry," Hayek

 05/02/2017 - 05:06
Photo provided by Pantelion Films showing US-Mexican actress Salma Hayek (L) and Mexican actor Eugenio Derbez during a scene of "How to be a Latin Lover". EFE/Pantelion Films

The box-office success of the film "How to Be a Latin Lover," which entertained the second-largest number of moviegoers last weekend in the United States, plus the growing presence of Latino films in theaters nationwide, indicate an awakening both of the film industry and of Hispanic audiences.

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