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A handout photo made available by the Arkansas Department of Corrections shows an undated file combo photo provided on 14 April 2017 of Arkansas death row inmates Jack Jones Jr. (L) and Marcel Williams (R) who were scheduled to be executed by lethal injection before the end of April and before the expiration date for one of the drugs that will be used (reissued 25 April 2017). EPA/ARKANSAS DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS 

The state of Arkansas, USA, carried out a double execution on Monday, after delivering a lethal injection to a second prisoner, Marcel Williams, on charges of kidnapping, rape and murder of a woman in 1994.

[OP-ED]: Racism and the Trump effect at the high school where I teach

 02/28/2017 - 15:06
A small group of Mexicans and Americans demonstrated today in two parts of the Mexican capital for the visit to the country by US Secretaries of State, Rex Tillerson, and Interior Security, John Kelly, where they declared through banners "Persona non grata" to the secretaries, an official visit in Mexico, and urged them to stop the hatred, racism and ignorance shown so far by the policies of President Donald Trump. EFE

My two sons used to come home from a day at high school complaining that ludicrous accusations of racism were as common as the desks in the classrooms. I chalked it up to adolescent exaggeration.

After having spent the current academic year as a teacher surrounded by rowdy high-schoolers, I can attest that they were right.

In the hallways, at assemblies, in my classroom, “That’s racist!” was a common refrain for most of the early fall.

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Esther Cepeda