Los Primeros Latinos del Football Americano

Wed, 04/26/2017 - 12:33pm -- Peter Fitzpatrick
Joe Aguirre of the Washington Redskins was the first Latino to Win All-League Honors in the NFL IN 1943.
Ignacio "Lou" Moline, native of Cuba, was the first Latino player in the NFL. In 1927 he played for the Frankford YellowJackets.
Born in La Ceiba, Honduras, Steven Van Buren played for the Philadelphia Eagles from 1944-1951. He was the first Latino accepted into the NFL Hall of Fame in 1968.
Waldo Don Carlos was a center for the 1931 Green Bay Packers championship team.
Gonzalo Morales was considered a quadruple-threat back who could run, pass, punt and place kick. He only played two seasons with the Pittsburgh Steelers (1947-1948)
Eddie Saenz played halfback for the Washington Redskins from 1946-1951 but retired due to injury. Afterwards he was a stuntman and served as a double for Hollywood Legend Anthony Quinn
Tom Fears of the Los Angeles Rams led the league in receptions in his first three years in the league. He entered the NFL Hall of Fame in 1970.
Tom Flores was the first Latino player quarterback to play in the NFL. After playing, he became the only Latino head coach to win a Super Bowl.
Joe Kapp quarterbacked the Minnesota Vikings from 1967-1969 and led the team into the playoffs 2 out of the three years including the Super Bowl.
Quarterback Jim Plunkett was the first Latino selected overall in the NFL Draft Was well as the first Latino to win a Super Bowl in 1980.