Latino Professional Groups Host Summer Mixer

Thu, 07/05/2018 - 2:12pm -- Samantha Laub
Natalia Ortiz, MD, directs talks to the attendees of the "Summer Social" mixer
Nataly Santos
Jacqueline Romero and Juvencio Gonzalez
Chris Hernandez and Lauren Nicole Fischer
Julia Rosa, Melissa Dennis and Shane Ace
Jennifer Gomez-Hardy, Maria Bermudez and Priscilla Jimenez
Becky Newsom and Marji Guerrero
Liliana Ramirez and Gabriella Paez
Alessa Torres, Janice Sued and Melissa Martinez
An aspect of the event that took place in a penthouse in Collins Apartments
Andrew Harley and Evan Barenbaum
Wilson Gualpa, Carlos Montoya and Tom Warnock
Zahira Colon, Millie Shah and Triph Kumar
Pretty Martinez, Janice Sued Argestiny and Sherlyn Martinez
Fernando Rivera and Daniel La Luz
Ayana Bowman, Leah Cilo and Tiffany Nicholson