The 2019 Philadelphia Flower Show Preview Party Gala

Sun, 03/03/2019 - 10:07pm -- Peter Fitzpatrick
The theme for the 2019 Philadelphia Flower Show is "Flower Power"
Display created by Mark Cook Landscape & Contracting, LLC
Melanie and Juan Lopez, Romulo Diaz, Dennis James
Jack and Jane Blandy
Henry & Marcia DeWitt
This 75 -Year old Dwarf Hinoki Cypress is part of the Bonzai collection at the Philadelphia Flower Show
One of the exhibitions displayed school students creating art from pressed plants
Most displays at the Philadelphia Flower Show depicted scenes inspired from the 1960s
Lorry T. Hunt takes in the sweet scent of a rose
Dr. Bonnie Camarda, Greg Saul, Susan Buehler
Judges carefully inspect each floral display to decide who will win the top prize
Matt Rader, President of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society
Mayor Jim Kenney
David Off of Waldor Orchids Wins the Mayors Trophy during th 2019 Philadelphia Flower Show
Sandy MacEachern & Emanuella Williamson win the Philadelphia Flower Show Cup for Best in Show Floral