The 2018 United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Convention

Mon, 09/17/2018 - 12:47pm -- Peter Fitzpatrick
Latinos from across the country have arrived to Philadelphia for the USHCC Convention this week.
Clemente Nicado, Angelina Garcia
Tayde Aburto, Abe E. Borjas, Luis De La Hoz
Carmen Castillo, Jorge Franco
Darryl L. Wiggins, Jeff Statler
Greg DeShields, Marilyn Martinez, Natily Santos
Roberto Adrian Fierro, Lina Hernandez, Jose Mercardo
Peter Villegas, Jacqueline Puente, David Cohen, Carmen Castillo
Efrain Rivera, T. Mark James
Ramiro Cavazos, David Cohen
Reuben Franco, Patty Juarez, Karina Ruiz
Marco A. Gonzalez, Jr. , Abe Borjas
Rodney Hood, Hasan Mannan
Troy Anjalota, Brian Hall, Rafael Perez
USHCC President & CEO Ramiro Cavazos
GPHCC President & CEO Jennifer Rodriguez
Paula Celestino, Senior Brand Consultant/Co-founder, Crea7ive (courtesy photo)
Guest Speaker Omar Duque, President of the Hispanic IT Executive Council discusses key trends in technology for business
Aetna sponsors a discussion on the current climate of the healthcare industry
Paychex discussed how tax reform will impact businesses from this year forward
The Latinx in Tech Panel brought together some of the world's most influental Latino and Latina leaders in technology
Celia Gonzalez, Juan Hernandez, Monica Sklodowski
Richard H. Olaya, Lou Rodriguez, The Honorable Nelson Diaz
James J. Moses, Robin Pulford, Michael J. Waldron
Rebecca Cruz Esteves, Dalina Soto
Amelia Macchiavello, Fernando Schiantarelli
Joseph McDermott, Ulises Soler
USHCC Networking Reception
Monica Hernandez, Argentina Ramirez
Elba Pareja-Gallagher, Kris Oswold