Larry Krasner, nuevo fiscal distrital de Filadelfia. Foto: Archivo AL DÍA News
Larry Krasner, New DA of Philaldephia. Photo:File AL DÍA News

[OP-ED]: A New Day - A New DA...Will Real Change Really Arrive?

Philly's New DA Promises To Infuse 'Justice' Into An Arrogant Justice System




A New Day/A New DA was a slogan and campaign pledge utilized by former Philly DA Seth Williams.

Williams is starting 2018 inside a federal prison, convicted last year of multiple counts of corruption.

This year a new DA steps into the post of Philly's top prosecutor.

The elevation of DA elect Larry Krasner holds promise for a truly 'New Day' in the DA Office because Krasner is truly a new kind of DA. 

Unlike legions of previous persons who held the post of Philly's top prosecutor, Krasner does not have 'former prosecutor' as a past job on his impressive resume. 

Because Krasner does not have prior service as either a local or federal prosecutor does not mean he lacks qualifications for his new job as Philly's top law enforcer. 

Krasner is a highly qualified defense attorney with a record of distinguished service upholding civil rights and civil liberties where he often battled Philly prosecutors and city government lawyers who were fighting to uphold illegal conduct, particularly by Philly police in cases of brutality.

Krasner's resume documents that he did not forget the 'justice' that all lawyers (and judges) are supposed to uphold.

As a 1889 Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruling clearly stated: the main job of prosecutors is justice not just to convict.

And that ethical/legal mandate for prosecutors means prosecutors must vigorously pursue all illegal conduct even if the perpetrators are law enforcers inclusive of brutal police, errant prosecutors, back-sliding judges and blind-eye-to-misconduct prison personnel.

Enshrining justice as the operational directive for all Philly District Attorney personnel extends beyond ideology to economics.

A huge portion of Philadelphia's $4-billon-plus City government annual operating budget is allocated to police, courts, city prisons, prosecutors and other crime fighting. The Police Department budget is more than Parks and Recreation, the Streets&Sanitation, Human Services and Public Health/Behavioral Health combined.

Krasner understands the diabolical connection between crime, poverty and structurally unjust procedures in Philadelphia's justice system better than most of his DA predecessors. 

Krasner campaigned on a pledge to address the systemic poverty - fanned by poor education and massive unemployment - that triggers a lot of the crime that costs City Hall over a billon dollars a year to fight. 

Krasner also pledges to be a District Attorney who really works in the public interest. Given his proven record of battling for justice in a Philadelphia justice system bent on beating down the poor and powerless Krasner is positioned to really fulfill the pledge of his now discredited, imprisoned predecessor: A New Day/A New DA.

True Justice in the justice system -- from police to prosecutors to judges - is long overdue in Philly and across America. 

Hopefully Larry Krasner will do what most of his DA predecessors promised to do but did not do: ensure justice both for the falsely accused and guilty alike - guilty inclusive of lawless law enforcers that too often get free passes...


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