Understanding the immigration laws is the best protection when there is no law to help


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Let's examine a few myths of these myths that are still floating around the community:

My employer wants to help me and he knows a Senator or a
Congressman/woman so I'm sure that they'll be able to help, especially
since my employer needs me to help run his business.

Reality:Congressmen/women and Senators cannot get a case approved if there is
no legal basis for an approval. They can, however, help you check on
the status of a case, including missing applications/petitions.

Myth #2: I have three young U.S. citizen children, ages 4, 7 and 8. They can help me get my green card, right?

Reality:Wrong. While many years ago, under a group of cases called the "Silva"
cases, U.S. citizen babies could petition for their illegal parents,
that law died. Now U.S. citizen children must be at 21 years of age or
older in order to be able to petition for their parents and their
parents must, with some exceptions, not be illegally present in the U.S.

I've heard about this one really great immigration attorney in
Arizona. All my friends are flying out to have him help them because he
can get anyone a green card. People are sleeping outside of his office;
he's so popular, even though he is charging over $10,000 for a green
card. There's no one this good in Philadelphia so I'm flying out

Reality: Did you ever hear the expression" If it's too
good, it can't be true"? That applies to this case. Immigration Law is
the same in all 50 states in the U.S. If an Arizona attorney who
professes to be a real immigration lawyer has a solution to an
immigration problem, you can be sure that immigration attorneys in
Philadelphia can do the same thing—assuming, of course, that there's a
law that will help.

So, what can be done? Stay informed. Keep
reading Al Dia. If there's a new law, the community will be afire and
you can be sure that Al Dia will be the first to break the news!!!


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