2022 AL DÍA Next Gen Políticos

Mon, 01/04/2021 - 5:02pm -- annag



Join #ALDIALIVE for a forum dedicated to the new generation of political figures.

This event raises the visibility of important policy issues with the political community’s top leaders and decision-makers.

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Councilmember JAMIE GAUTHIER

Gauthier represents Philadelphia's Third District in City Council. Elected in 2019, she is the first new face in council from the district repping West and Southwest Philly in 28 years. Since joining Philadelphia's legislative body, Gauthier has been instrumental in fights for eviction protections amid COVID-19 and combating the city's gun violence crisis to name a few. Before City Council, Gauthier held a number of positions that dealt with park conservancy, supporting small businesses, and developing affordable housing in Philadelphia. She is born and raised in West Philadelphia and a graduate of both Temple University and the University of Pennsylvania.




Councilmember ISAIAH THOMAS

Thomas is an at-large councilmember on Philadelphia City Council. He was elected in 2019 in his third attempt at running for a spot on City Council. Since joining, Thomas has led efforts to better protect and support Black businesses and workers amid the COVID-19 pandemic. He has also introduced and passed a bill to protect Black motorists from unnecessary police stops and is one of two councilmembers leading the an emergency fund to support the arts in Philadelphia. Before becoming a councilmember, Thomas held both positions in the private, public and nonprofit sectors, and been an educator in the classroom and on the basketball court for Philadelphia youth. He is a native of Oak Lane and is a graduate of both Penn State and Lincoln University.





Gilmore Richardson is an at-large councilmember on Philadelphia City Council. She was elected in 2019 after an 11-year career working under Councilmember Blondell-Reynolds Brown, who retired after serving 20 years on City Council. Since joining City Council, Gilmore Richardson has not only backed bills to support Black businesses in Philadelphia amid COVID-19, but is also behind the bill that will finally make public police union negotiations with the city public. She has also been an outspoken voice on the effect of climate change on neighborhoods in the city. A native of Philadelphia's Wynnefield neighborhood, Gilmore Richardson is a graduate of Philadelphia High School for Girls before getting a college degree at West Chester University.




Councilmember KENDRA BROOKS

Brooks is an at-large councilmember on Philadelphia City Council. When she was elected in 2019, she became the first third-party candidate to win an at-large seat in City Council's modern history as a member of the Working Families Party. Since joining City Council, Brooks has kept with the grassroots approach of her campaign and organized support behind Philadelphia's working class, fighting for eviction protections, paid sick leave and workers rights amid COVID-19. Brooks was also active in fighting for criminal justice reform amid the uprisings in Philadelphia in the Summer of 2020. Before City Council, she was a community organizer that fought for domestic workers and against the closure of schools in the city. She is born and raised in Nicetown and a graduate of the Community College of Philadelphia,

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