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Latinoamérica debería invertir tres o cuatro veces más en infraestructuras

 06/12/2017 - 11:36
Foto de Archivo: EFE/Felipe Trueba

Latinoamérica tendría que estar invirtiendo tres o cuatro veces más de lo que dedica a las infraestructuras para "acercarse" a economías más desarrolladas, según José Acosta, presidente de Asuntos Gubernamentales para las Américas en UPS, uno de los líderes globales en logística.

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Bricks and Mortar: Trump's $1T infrastructure plan to rebuild America

 06/08/2017 - 04:32
Trump has proposed a plan to make US once again a nation of builders. US President Donald J. Trump applauds in front of a US Marine while walking across the South Lawn after returning to the White House by Marine One, in Washington, DC, USA, 07 June 2017. Trump returns from Cincinnati, Ohio. EPA/MICHAEL REYNOLDS

President Donald Trump on Wednesday in Cincinnati presented his plan to improve the nation's infrastructure and once again make the country a nation of "builders," giving state and local authorities more freedom of action, fewer environmental regulations and more private support.

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Inside the tangled empire of the president's daughter

 05/01/2017 - 15:01
Ivanka Trump during the W20 summit in Berlin, on April 25, 2017. EFE/CLEMENS BILAN / POOL

Ethic experts are concerned that despite removing herself from the management of her Ivanka Trump fashion company and becoming an unpaid government employee in March, her political and business interests are still so closely linked that she is deep in an ethical “danger zone” over conflict of interest laws.