Amigos y familiares de los propietarios de Tartarepería 18.64. 

Los dueños de Tartarepería 18.64  han decidido dar un toque original a las clásicas arepas venezolanas en un local de ambiente agradable y familiar. 

Tartareperia 18.64 – serving a new take on the classic Venezuelan arepa in a friendly, familial environment

 06/14/2018 - 08:33
Friends and relatives of the owners of Tartarepería 18.64

Rising in popularity throughout the US, the arepa is beginning to make a mark on the American food scene. The dish, originally from Colombia and Venezuela, is made of ground maize meal or flour and is then fried, grilled or baked. A variety of different fillings, from beef to avocado to cheese, are inserted into the dough to complete the sandwich.