Nicole Marquis


Anthony Lopez, CEO of Azzur Corporation; Nicole Marquis, CEO and founder of HipCityVeg Restaurants; and Manuel Trujillo, CEO and founder of Swain Technologies spoke at the Latino-Jewish Entrepreneurial Summit. (Photos provided by AJC Philadelphia)

La Cumbre Latino-Judía de Emprendedores celebrada el pasado 15 de mayo fue una buena ocasión para escuchar a emprendedores de éxito y hacer networking.

The power of Hispanic owned businesses in force during the 2019 GPHCC Alegria Ball & Excelencia Hispanic Business Awards

 02/25/2019 - 02:13
The Lucy located in downtown Philadelphia hosted the 2019 GPHCC Alegria Ball

Two individuals were recognized for their work in the professional and business fields and one for their lifelong commitment to the Latino community

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Peter Fitzpatrick