Lifetime Achievement Award winners Antonio Romero Monge (L) and Rafael Ruiz Perdigones accept their award at the Latin Recording Academy's 2017 Special Merit Awards Ceremony in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, 15 November 2017. EPA-EFE/EUGENE GARCIA

Su popular hit "Macarena" ostentó el récord para una canción hispana de catorce semanas como número uno en Estados Unidos hasta que esa marca fue batida este año con el desembarco imparable de "Despacito".

Dale a tu cuerpo alegría, rebellious Saudi

 08/23/2017 - 12:02
Video still from a 1996 music video of Macarena, directed by Vincent Calet, featuring Los Del Río and Tracee Ellis Ross

Fourteen year old Saudi Arabian has been arrested for a video that went viral almost a year ago. The sordid crime? Publicly dancing to the Los del Río one-hit-wonder, Macarena, on the main road in Jeddah. Though admittedly humorous, the issue of his detainment is much more serious than the gleeful and choreographed wiggles would appear to indicate.