Scientists Salvador Aznar Benitah and Gloria Pascual, members of the research team from the Institute for Biomedical Studies in Barcelona, Spain, have announced new discoveries in tumor cells that could help controlling the spread of metastasis in cancer…

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Metastasis is a frightening word. It means death in 90% of Cancer cases, as it means the disease is spreading in the body.  However, scientists understand more and more the process of cell-splitting, from beginning to end, binging hope to a near cure.

The latest progress in Metastasis studies come from a group of researchers from the IRB Institute of Biomedics in Barcelona, Spain. The study was published today in Nature and focuses on identifying a crucial protein for the tumor cells to initiate metastasis. It is called CD36 and could help improving diagnosis and provoke a revolution in cancer therapy. 

"This work ins an excellent contribution to the current knowledge about the cells that origin metastasis", said Dr. Joan Massagué, director of the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Institute in New York, which hasn't participated in the study. 

As reported today in El País. (in Spanish)

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