Remembering a journalist and icon: Marina Ginestà


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Marina Ginestà, a journalist and translator for the International Brigade during the Spanish Civil War, died in Paris on January 6, 2014. She was 94 years old.  

A photograph of Ginestà taken in 1936 became an icon of the three-year war. Then 17-year-old Ginestà is shown atop a Barcelona hotel with a rifle slung over her back and a confident smile across her face.

Ginestà was born in France and moved to Barcelona with her family eight years before she joined the International Brigade, volunteers from dozens of countries who fought against fascism and a rebel group aided by Nazi Germany. 

Wounded during the war, Ginestà took refuge in Mexico and the Dominican Republic before returning to Europe. 

Today, the world remembers Ginestà as the woman who stood up for justice on a rooftop. 

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