The eloquent closing of the Iraq campaign



Spain’s King Juan Carlos yelling “why don’t you shut up?” to Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez and the Iraqi journalist throwing his shoes at United States President George Bush won’t go into history as mere aggressions, desperate acts, impotence or rebellion. 

Leaving aside the improper attack on another human being and the ethical questions this journalist faces, the shoes and the “why don’t you shut up?” of King Juan Carlos gave rise once more to the discussions in which many have challenged both president Bush and president Chávez.

When it comes to Mr. Bush, that sole action, not the shoe itself, brings to an eloquent closure his campaign in Iraq: an extravagant and unjustified situation just as Muntader al-Zaidi’s eccentric reaction amidst a press conference in Baghdad.

Extravagant because the war was just as unusual as throwing two shoes at a president.

This invasion of Iraq, spearheaded with the argument of some weapons of mass destruction that were never found, is a war leaving thousands of dead people, either Iraqi civilians or US soldiers. This war also brings the country to an international discredit and leaves it as a nation that ignored the UN Security Council just to start its fiasco.

Eloquent as well was the order of a visibly mad king who was before a president who usually speaks too much and confuses his audience with his Bolivarian and incendiary speech.

The images of an infuriated king shutting president Chávez up and president Bush dodging a shoe spoke better than a thousand words.

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