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It doesn’t matter if they’re not real fans or if they don’t have an idea of what baseball is; it doesn’t matter if they’re from Philly or if they’re newly arrived.

It doesn’t even matter if they’re 28. Everybody, teenagers included, says they’ve been waiting 28 yeas for this title victory.

Happiness is common to all, and it even transcends borders.

The Dominicans in Philadelphia, but also the ones in the Dominican Republic take this triumph as theirs.


How are the residents of the town of Azua doing with the victory of one of their own? Pedro Feliz made them happy just as Carlos Ruiz did to his people in Ciudad David, Panama, Greg Dobbs to his mom’s Peruvian family, JC Romero to the Puerto Rico here and in the Caribbean, and bullpen coach Roly de Armas to his fellow Cubans in Cuba and in Miami.

Romero served as spokesperson for his fellow boricuas, who rejoice in the pride of his 10 seasons playing Major League Baseball. And what an emotion for those Panamanians that saw Ruiz’s outstanding performance that would even make Venezuelans cheer, for the TV commentators always referred to him as the Venezuelan.

“Ask any pitcher here and they will tell you Ruiz is an amazing catcher,” prefect-season closing pitcher Brad Lidge said about his team mate.

Both of them shared the first World Series championship hug under that not-so-rainy Wednesday night. Everybody wants a little bit of that winning hug. That is why the so-called World Series, although only US (and one Canadian) teams get to play it, is the Latin American Series: thanks to all the Hispanic surnames giving a bit of happiness to their motherland.

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