A list of all ICE detention facilities: How to find your loved one


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As the events on Wall Street and in Congress have shown over these last few weeks, our nation is in a mess financially. In bad economic times, all suffer, especially immigrants who sometimes bear the emotional brunt of our country’s anger at the worsening economic situation. Yes, those who are rational fully understand that most immigrants who are in the U.S. are not taking the jobs of displaced U.S. workers but whoever said that there was any rationality to the average  American’s view on immigration?

Given the current climate, it is clear that amnesty doesn’t have a prayer right now. Rather, expect an increase in ICE raids as the government continues to do what they think Americans want: get tough on illegal immigration.

In this atmosphere we have discussed the wisdom of being prepared for that ICE raid, all the time hoping that such preparation will never be necessary. One important part of this preparation is knowing how to locate a family member, friend or colleague who has been taken into ICE custody. We have all learned that just because you reside in Philadelphia does not mean that if you are taken into custody you will be held in Philadelphia or Pennsylvania for that matter. Hence, it is important to know the locations and contact information of all holding centers with which ICE has arrangements/contracts.

The attached list, obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, lists all ICE facilities throughout the U.S. Keep it handy. Pass it on to others throughout the U.S. in all of the immigrant communities—not just the Latino community—so that they, too can be ready if required. Above all, if you are a U.S. citizen, make sure that you are registered to vote in this upcoming presidential election. Your vote will determine whether we must hold onto this ICE facility list because of the lack of immigration reform that fails to recognize our need for a legalized workforce or whether we will be able to throw it out because our laws will be changed to reflect the reality of a very changed America’s labor and economic needs.

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