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Yeshiva University agrees to LGBTQ compromise but fails to recognize it



Yeshiva University and LGBTQ student club have reached a compromise after the university lost a Supreme Court ruling that would help block a lower New York Court ruling—- forcing the institution to recognize the LGBTQ club. 

At the time, the University’s president, Rabbi Ari German responded to the U.S. Supreme Court ruling by stating “every faith-based university in the country has the right to work with its students, including its LGBTQ students, to establish the clubs, places and spaces that fit within its faith tradition.”

Although, Yeshiva University’s lawyer Eric Baxter said in a statement “today the Supreme Court instructed Yeshiva University to make an additional effort to get the New York courts to grant them emergency relief and made clear that if that protection is not provided, they can return to the Supreme Court to seek its protection again.” It seems the university had no interest in complying. 

In a desperate attempt to delay recognizing the LGBTQ club and providing access to a classroom, bulletin boards, and club-fair booth, the university halted all student clubs. The LGBTQ group seeking recognition sent a press release to The Commentator stating “we are agreeing to this stay while the case moves through the New York courts because we do not want YU to punish our fellow students by ending all student activities while it circumvents its responsibilities. YU is attempting to hold all of its students hostage while it deploys manipulative legal tactics, all in an effort to avoid treating our club equally.”

However, Yeshiva University has agreed to restart clubs without recognizing LGBTQ groups as per the agreement

According to a press release on Thursday from lawyers representing Yeshiva University, “we are starting clubs after the Jewish Holidays when students are back on campus,” Hanan Eisenman, a Yeshiva spokesperson, said in a statement. “Now that Pride Alliance has offered a stay, we have sent their lawyers a signed agreement to stay the trial court order. We look forward to working together to quickly resolve this issue.”

The Yeshiva University ‘Pride Alliance’ agreed to the stay because of how the institution’s tactics were affecting the unity of students on campus. The Pride Alliance explained it was a difficult decision.

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