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Why is the SAT/ ACT important for College Admission


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The SAT or ACT often generates stress among students trying to land their dream college. Many students spend months preparing for the exams, but now, many schools are placing less emphasis on these standardized test scores in the admission process. More universities are focusing on students’ GPA and essays. 

According to a tentative count by the National Center for Fair and Open Testing, around 1,750 four year colleges have announced plans to go test-optional or test-blind for 2023. Some of the universities implementing a test-optional policy are Cornell University in New York, Princeton University in New Jersey , the University of Chicago in Illinois, to name a few. For a more comprehensive list click here

The test-optional policy will give students for whom standardized tests are not their strong suit the opportunity to stand out in other areas. Although test-optional policies are not uncommon, it is new for Ivy League institutions. 

U.S. News reports that test-blind or test-free policies are far less common but are being implemented by the University of California, Loyola University, among others. This means that according to the policies if a student submits SAT or ACT scores it will not be considered during the admissions process. 

Therefore, students should verify the requirements prior to applying to avoid unnecessary expenditure. Colleges review applications by evaluating transcripts, extracurricular activities, class rigor, recommendation letters, and answers to essay prompts. 

U.S. News further reports that depending on how well you perform, you can decide whether or not to include or exclude your scores from the application process.

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