Lee Nentwig

Lee Nentwig
I produce audio content at AL DÍA News and report on various socio-political topics.

I am passionate about the ability of stories to generate connection and collaboration towards constructive social action. Prior to joining AL DÍA, I worked as a content producer at Parallax Collaboration and creative associate in Thomas Jefferson University's MEDstudio program. I am a graduate of the Klein College of Media and Communication at Temple University.

Podcast Producer

Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner and the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative believe data-driven tech will transform the criminal justice system

 04/04/2019 - 09:30
Priscilla Chan, co-founder of the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, speaks during at TechCrunch in San Francisco, CA. Photo: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

Philadelphia's district attorney is in collaboration with the Palo Alto-based tech initiative to re-imagine how problems in the criminal justice system can be approached by prosecutors.


Los líderes empresariales Latino Americanos conectarán unos con otros en el recinto de la Universidad de Pensilvania

 03/20/2019 - 15:37
WHALAC 2019 will unite business actors, government representatives and civil society members to assess how Latin America can overcome its main challenges to become an example for development in other global regions.

Los líderes estudiantiles de Wharton School of Business visitan las oficinas de AL DÍA para hablar sobre lo que se espera para la 9ª Conferencia latinoamericana anual de Wharton (WHALAC por sus siglas en inglés)