Google's workforce reflects the entire industry's

Google has just released a report on the lack of diversity within its ranks, but the problem is not contained to the company.


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Google just released a report on company diversity that reflects the tech industry's white, male makeup. Earlier this year, a glimpse of the company's diversity problem became evident in a controversy over the lack of women of color featured in Google Doodles.

To sum up the report, here are the three main areas where Google's failure to embody diversity reflects the entire industry.

1. Absence of Black and Latino workers

Overall, in tech and non-tech areas, just 3 percent of Google's workforce is Latino and 2 percent are Black. The numbers are even worse for technical staff. The lack of diversity could be starting early — in nearly half of states last year, no Latinas took the AP computer science exam. In 8 states, there were no Latino AP computer science students altogether. Nationally, there are even fewer Black students who take AP computer science than Latino students.

2. Women work at Google, but not in tech

One in three workers at Google are women, but the problem worsens when narrowed to the tech side of Google where just 17 percent of workers are women versus 48 percent of women workers in non-tech. Nationally in 2012, 26 percent of all computing jobs were held by women, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. For female engineers, however, the numbers are more dismal — on average, just 12 percent of all engineers in tech companies are women.

3. Overwhelmingly male leadership

Google's leaders skew male as well, with just 21 percent of leaderships positions held by women. Just four tech companies in the top 100 Fortune 500 companies were led by female CEOs. Diversity of ethnicity is also an issue among Google's leaders — a whopping 72 percent of Google's leaders are white and 23 percent are Asian.


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