Almagro acusó al Gobierno de Cuba de exportar “mecanismos de terror” a otros países de Latinoamérica, como Venezuela y Nicaragua, donde ciudadanos cubanos presuntamente han dirigido “torturas”. EFE
Almagro accused the Cuban government of exporting “mechanisms of terror” to other Latin American countries, such as Venezuela and Nicaragua, where Cuban citizens have allegedly directed “torture.” EFE

OAS or the U.S. Ministry of Colonies?

Havana has made it clear it has no interest in rejoining an organization it regards as 'an instrument of imperialistic domination.' 


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Luis Almagro’s intention to run for another five-year term as the Organization of American States (OAS) Secretary General is a tragic irony that makes clear we live in an upside-down world far beyond George Orwell’s grim predictions. He has – big surprise! -- Washington’s support.

The OAS, an organization founded in 1948 supposedly to promote peace and enforce the principle of no intervention, has been led since May 2015 by the Uruguayan diplomat, who has openly advocated for military intervention in Venezuela and, as of late, has opened fire on Cuba with a barrage of outrageous, over-the-top accusations. No wonder the group, whose offices are in Washington, has been dismissively dubbed the U.S. Ministry of Colonies.

“With regards to a military intervention aimed at overthrowing the regime of Nicolás Maduro, I think we should not exclude any option,” Almagro said in Colombia in September. Advocating for foreign boots to step on a Latin American sovereign nation seems to be a rather strange way to promote peace and protect the principle of no intervention, don’t you think?

Almagro’s despicable position provoked the immediate reaction of Venezuela’s allies like Evo Morales, the president of Bolivia, who said in a tweet that the Uruguayan’s call for a military intervention “confirms he stopped being secretary general of the OAS to become a civil agent of Trump’s coup plots. Attacking Venezuela is attacking Latin America.”

But it wasn’t only Venezuela’s traditional friends who condemned Almagro’s willingness to do the Trump regime’s bidding. The Uruguayan Foreign Minister, Rodolfo Nin Novoa, disavowed him in the strongest possible terms reiterating Uruguay’s “commitment to International Law and the peaceful resolution of controversies, the strengthening of democracy, and judicial equality among states.”

Uruguay “will never support an armed intervention in any country of the region as a solution to an internal crisis,” Nin Novoa added.

A cynical, two-faced individual, as Uruguay’s former minister of foreign affairs during José Mujica’s presidency, Almagro was very enthusiastic about the Venezuelan governments of Hugo Chávez and later Nicolás Maduro and full of praise for the Bolivarian revolution. He was elected as the OAS Secretary General with the full backing of Mujica, his political mentor. The former Uruguayan president, one of the most respected and admired political leaders in Latin America, has called his support for Almagro a great mistake.

Recently, in a shameless attempt to ingratiate himself with the White House, Almagro launched a vicious campaign against Cuba accusing it of “crimes against humanity” and of exporting violence to Venezuela and Nicaragua.

Apparently, he forgot that in 2015, when he first assumed his current position, he declared that the OAS should ask Cuba for forgiveness for having expelled it from the organization in 1962, yielding to pressures from Washington that objected to Fidel Castro’s socialist revolution. Havana has made it clear it has no interest in rejoining an organization it regards as “an instrument of imperialistic domination.”

Obviously, what Almagro lacks in terms of decency, honesty and respect for the sovereignty of nations, he more than makes up for with his hypocrisy and abject servility, which is why despite his much ballyhooed condemnation of Cuba and Venezuela, he hasn’t uttered a peep about the multiple assassinations of human rights activists in Colombia, the impunity with which journalists and students are killed in Mexico, the teargassing of asylum-seeking families in the U.S.-Mexico border or the forceful abduction of those families’ children by the Trump government, and many other atrocities and violations of human rights.

Clearly, the sooner Latin America kicks this hypocrite’s behind, the better.


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