National Photography Day, enacted globally in 2010, celebrates the 177-year history of photography every August. 
Photo: TheHilaryClark / Pixabay

#NationalPhotographyDay: Dedicated to the People

[PHOTOS]: In honor of National Photography Day, we asked people from all over the world to share their most significant photo with us.


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Today marks 177 years since the earliest form of photography was released to the public. However, it wasn’t until 2010 that the 19th of August became a global celebration for photography.

To many, photography is a career, a hobby, or just simply a way to document the precious, craziest, and even ugliest moments in life. No matter what role it plays in your life, it is an “art of observation”, as a famous American photographer once said.

What did he mean by that? Well, to “observe” is to “notice or perceive something and register it as being significant."

In relation to photography, the images we see are more than meets the eye, for it has little to do with what we see and everything with how we see them.

Photography enables us to share the places-- the moments-- the world-- as we see it.

And to recognize this science that creates meaning through lenses, we asked people from all around the world to share the photo that carries the most significance to them.

Here are the submissions we have received and gathered in celebration of National Photography Day:

AL DÍA couldn't help but participate in this unique project as well. Below are some of the staff's pick for "most meaningful" or "favorite" photo:
1. Jamila Johnson, Reporter and Campaign Fundraiser
"This is a photo from the Harlem Renaissance in the 1920s taken by James VanDerZee. I love this photo because it gives the feeling of luxury to a community that were seen as a second class citizens and had art as their only outlet for change and community."
2. Elizabeth Staub, Business Development Specialist
 "I took this photo on the coast in Tangier, Morocco in 2014. It's my favorite photo because it reminds me of the time I spent living in Spain and traveling through Spain and North Africa."
3. Yvette Cruz, Business Development Executive
"My little cousin Jenalise stood up after being baptized during mass while the priest was speaking and just sat on the step in front of him to look at the crowd."
4. Rogelio Aguilar, Editorial Assistant
"My dad is hardest-working man I know. He'd make sure my brother and I got everything we needed and wanted, but I never knew what it felt like for him to tell us that he loves us and mean it. At this moment, in my high school graduation, we embraced; and it was the first time the words "I love you" made me cry-- because I knew it came from his heart."
5. Samantha Laub, Graphic Designer
"I took this photo from outside my window in my dorm room at college and sent it to my long-distance boyfriend (above). In response, he sent me the same picture he took from his location (below) and it just reminds me that even when we're apart we're still looking at the same sky."

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