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College students with disabilities find additional barriers to overcome. New study found that Passaic, New Jersey is the worst city for SWD and the worst states are Wyoming, Wisconsin, and Hawaii. Visual Generation / Getty

New study reveals the best and worst states for students with disabilities

The worst states for SWD are Wyoming, Wisconsin, and Hawaii, and the worst city is Passaic, NJ; lack of accessibility and support are some contributing factors.


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College students with disabilities (SWD) face many barriers, especially transitioning to a new learning environment and acquiring their first experience with independence. But a new study suggests there is more to the story than new academic and social environments that present barriers that hinder these students’ academic success. 

According to a recent study by Studocu, a study app for university and high school students worldwide to study more efficiently; found that after comparing 395 cities across the United States through different dimensions: median income of disabled people, cost of living, and percentage of people with disabilities, the worst states for students with disabilities are Wyoming, Wisconsin, and Hawaii with a rating of 6.3, 6.4, and 6.8, respectively.  

The survey further reveals that although the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities in several areas, “the legal result varies from place to place,” with the best state for student accessibility being New Mexico, with a total rate of 9.2 out of 10, followed closely by South Dakota (9.0) and Florida (8.9). 

The data was collected from the University Ranking Survey Data with more than 72,000 respondents at more than 1,3000 universities across 28 countries and took into account students’ average satisfaction on ‘Accessibility for Disabled Students’ for each state.  

The results will help SWD make informed choices about places that offer the best accommodations, support services, and accessibility options—worst cities may present significant challenges for SWD, including discrimination, lack of accessibility, and inadequate support—with their findings revealing that the worst city for students with disabilities is Passaic, New Jersey.

The cities with the highest median income for people with disabilities are Sunnyvale at $85,360, followed by Pleasanton at $83,500 and Bellevue at $76,300—various job opportunities, support services, and accessibility options to find a job and make a living. But cities, Sunnyvale and Pleasanton, both located in California, which has some of the country’s highest housing and healthcare costs. 

However, Bloomington, Indiana, has the lowest median income at $14,360, followed by Ames, Iowa, at $14,908, and Provo, Utah, at $15,115—a limited job market, particularly for individuals with disabilities. 

Places like “Youngstown, Decatur, Akron, and Flint, offer more affordable housing and living expenses,” the report says, adding that they have a more limited job market and support services for SWD.  

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