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College and University writing centers are indispensable

How college students can use their writing center to find their writing voice


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Education has long-lasting problems that need to be addressed; one of them being college readiness. High school students transitioning to college studies find themselves taking remedial writing to prepare them to be at a college level writing. 

Forbes reported that employers are seeking individuals that possess modern communication. Adaptability is crucial in professional settings as technology advances communication through micro-learning, video production/editing, and video-based instructions. 

TikTok and YouTube have become a form of indispensable communication and resource for employers and jobseekers to make themselves marketable, knowledgeable, and even advance individual businesses. 

As students acclimate to continual changes, they become receptive to life as future young professionals. 

Writing Centers are available for students, faculty, and staff needing resources, assistance, and guidance with papers, projects, research, and presentations. It also helps students master the basics of writing and identify grammar errors and typos. However, the writing center won’t function as an editing service. 

If your college or university has a writing center available on campus or remotely, you have a valuable resource at your disposal for free. Some higher education institutions’ remote writing centers can be 24/7 with a 24-48 hour response time. 

A misconception that stops students from seeking proper guidance and assistance is the idea they need to have a completed draft to contact the writing center. Although this might be ideal, if you are experiencing difficulties while trying to start your draft, a tutor from the writing center can help formulate a plan for developing your paper. 

Additionally, writing centers are not just for creative writers, English majors, or those aspiring to write the next best novel. Every college student is assigned writing at some point in their collegiate pursuits—lab reports, research papers, and essays are examples of how writing avails in academia.

Therefore, do not be discouraged from seeking assistance. The writing center ensures students can find their writing voice by posing several questions to direct students in improving their work through feedback. 

How does a writing center session work?

Each higher education institution’s writing center functions differently. Some may include scheduling an appointment  before attending an in-person session. 

Additionally, the writing center may assign you the same tutor regularly, as you have already developed a rapport with this person. 

The writing center will help improve your reading comprehension, analytical skills, and writing mechanics: grammar, sentence structure, spelling, etc. How to create a writing strategy, develop clear and concisely communicated ideas, demonstrate argumentation and effective ways to present evidence, and use resources (sources, citations) properly. 

Your willingness for knowledge will be the key to your success. 

Here some Online Writing Labs (OWLs) alternatives available

  • The OWL at Purdue University 
  • The OWL at Excelsior University 
  • Writing@CSU

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