'Pálpito' is Netflix's new Colombian series. Photo: Netflix Latin America
'Pálpito' is Netflix's new Colombian series. Photo: Netflix Latin America

Colombian series 'Pálpito' is #1 on Netflix worldwide

The Colombian series reached the highest ranking on the streaming platform only five days after its premiere.


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May 20th, 2022

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Netflix's new Colombian series Pálpito is the most-watched series at the moment worldwide. This was announced by its creator and screenwriter, Venezuelan Leonardo Padrón, through his official account. 

"It's official! #Pálpito is currently the most watched Netflix series in the world!" said Padrón. "I join that collective applause for all the human talent that made it possible for this story to have such resonance."

Pálpito has become a true phenomenon, quickly ranking among the most watched on the streaming platform not only in Colombia, but throughout Latin America and the world. 

President Iván Duque congratulated the achievements of the production, which addresses the issue of organ trafficking.

"It fills us with pride that the Colombian series #Pálpito, produced by @CMOP_CINEYTV for @Netflix, is positioned as the most watched in the world," the president tweeted.

"It is with facts that Colombia positions itself as an Audiovisual Power. Pálpito, a CMO Producciones production for Netflix, beneficiary of the audiovisual investment incentives that we have promoted from the National Government, today becomes the #1 series in the world. Congratulations to the Colombian talent! Congratulations to the incredible work team of this production!" wrote Colombian Culture Minister Angelica Mayolo on her Instagram. 

Similarly, upon hearing the news, actress Ana Lucía Dominguez, who plays Camila in the series, said she feels "blessed, excited and proud of the work of all the actors, producers, directors and the technical team of our series." 

What to know about Pálpito

Pálpito is a miniseries that tells a story of love and revenge set against the backdrop of organ trafficking. 

The series is directed by Colombian Camilo Vega and created by Venezuelan Leonardo Padrón. 

The Colombian series has received mixed reviews from critics, but has been very well received by Netflix subscribers. Most point out that it touches too superficially on some very dark themes, but that it is also very entertaining.

Classified as a thriller, the format is very similar to a telenovela, which is very popular right now not only in Latin America, but also in the United States and Spain. 


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