Martillo de madera de juez. Imagen para ilustrar demanda contra el actor Alec Baldwin.
They have also requested a jury trial in the accidental shooting case. Photo: Pixabay.

Alec Baldwin and the lawsuit against him for $25 million

The actor is facing a lawsuit for possibly defaming a woman who was at the Jan. 6 marches in Washington D.C.


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After accidentally shooting Halyna Hutchins, the cinematographer of a film that was shooting in New Mexico, causing her death, Alec Baldwin is once again at the center of controversy after a defamation lawsuit against him was made public. 

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This appointment with a court is added to the investigation that is still underway for the fatal shooting on the set of Rust, where a search warrant was issued for Baldwin's phone. For their part, the Hutchins family continues to demand a jury trial.

In this case, a $25 million defamation lawsuit puts the celebrity in more trouble, who directed his 2.4 million followers on Instagram to make statements that incited hatred for a woman who was part of the demonstrations on Jan. 6, 2021 in Washington D.C..

Baldwin, a well-known critic of former President Donald Trump, whom he even constantly parodied in a segment of the Saturday Night Live, had donated $5,000 to the widow of American soldier Lance Corporal Rylee J. McCollum, who died a victim of an attack by a suicide bomber in Kabul, Afghanistan.

According to the lawsuit, the actor, who sent the money to the soldier's sister, Roice McCollum, after seeing a post in which she was waving from Washington in the company of a crowd supporting the former president, wrote to her saying that when he sent the money out of "respect for his brother's service," he didn't know he was a Jan. 6 participant.

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Roice responded to Baldwin saying that protesting was legal in the country and let him know that she had already spoken with the FBI. In addition, the lawsuit highlighted that she was not "detained, arrested, charged or convicted of any crime associated with her attendance at the event on January 6, 2021 in Washington."

In this context, the actor has been sued for generating a hostile environment for Roice, since his comments and his influence managed to create a chain of hatred towards the plaintiff.

The already deleted Instagram post read: "Many Trumpsters argue here with the whimper that the attack on Capitol Hill was a protest (a more peaceful way of the one that landed many other protesters in jail) and an exercise in democracy. That's bullshit."

Baldwin added in the same post that he had done some research and discovered that “this woman [Roice McCollum] is the sister (sic) of one of the men who was killed in Kabul, Afghanistan. I offered to send her sister-in-law [Jiennah McCollum] money as a tribute to her late brother, his widow and her child. Which I did. As a tribute to a fallen soldier. Then I found this. Truth is stranger than fiction."

One of the aggravating factors of the lawsuit is that another of Lance's sisters, as well as his widow, also received hate messages and threats after Baldwin shared his comments. Both were not present at the Jan. 6 riots on the capitol.

If the actor loses the lawsuit, he will have to pay $25 million in addition to court costs. In the document against Baldwin, they warn that he is "very aware" of the weight and influence that his fame has on social media.


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