Photo: The Marías, Atlantic Recording Company
Photo: The Marías, Atlantic Recording Company

Three music videos to consider today: Ricky Mendoza, Jenny69, and The Marías

New music for a new week.


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May 27th, 2022


Within the past few weeks, some notable music videos have been released from a collection of artists.

One from a folk-punk torchbearer, another from a unique, quickly-emerging personality, and lastly a new video from a band that cannot be slowed down.

Ricky Mendoza - “Move”

The folk-punk artist Ricky Mendoza released his latest album, The New Hurt, this past August, and it included singles like “Lauve,” and the proclamation, “I Just Died.”

The New Hurt is Mendoza’s return to music after a five-year break. “Move” stands as a statement of strength and perseverance from the Mexican-American artist.

"As kids, we thought we were capable of anything and then the fear starts poisoning us. My philosophy is that every day is a new life. A day to start over, a day to forgive ourselves and live fully,” said Mendoza. 

“To me, this video says, 'to hell with that inner voice and live the life you want to live, right now. Move.'"

Mendoza’s music video features a visual representation of good versus evil, but also depicts a consistent back-and-forth, and a yearning to confront what pains you.

The good-versus-evil dynamic Mendoza puts on is symbolized by two characters, both played by Ricky: one in a white button-down and one in a black hoodie.

Mendoza’s album opener is a warming callback to pre-existing folk-punk qualities. Mendoza’s brazenly-sung, hook-heavy rock tune is a motivational and catchy listen.

Jenny69 - “La 69”

Judging by the like-dislike ratio on this music video, this debut single from beauty influencer Jenny69 is a troubling one for some, but regardless the story behind it is distinct.

Jenny69 — real name Jennifer Ruiz — first teased her debut single, a corrido, on Instagram. Attracting views from this point forward, the song gained some traction before its release.

Released to the displeasure of many, the single started getting passed around on TikTok and other online platforms.

Jenny’s music video brings together a mismatched pair. The creative decisions made wind up feeling untraditional for a rising star’s debut single.

Visuals align with the lyricism, while the sonic properties of “La 69” are of a classic corrido, and remain somewhat downbeat throughout. 

The music video has been thumbed-down to death on YouTube, but at the least offers a unique sound and lyrical pairing with visuals that favor the latter.

This song is worth checking out for listeners who believe a memetic corrido — or “kitsch korrido” — is up their alley.

The Marías - “Un Millón”

"Un Millón” by Los Angeles pop band The Marías is a special song. 

A tribute from frontwoman María to her childhood in Puerto Rico, “Un Millón” was framed around specific words of endearment offered to a younger María by her father, a reminder of worth.

Sonically, this single was conceived as an experiment to see what a reggaetón song from The Marías would sound like.

The song was given a special live performance last month to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. Now the single has a music video of its own. 

After a year of heavy activity from the band, this new music only adds to the magic The Marías continue to spread after the release of CINEMA.


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