Macaco already released two singles of his new album
Macaco already released two singles from his new album. Photo: Getty Images

Macaco to collab with Pucho, Valeria Castro and C. Tangana on his new album 'Vuelame el corazón'

Known for his hits “Moving” and “Tengo,” Macaco will continue to test his ability to mix rumba, reggea, funk, and classic sounds of Latin American music.


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In the constant news about new albums and tours on the Latin music scene, Macaco needed his time to shine. Daniel Carbonell (original name), who began to sing sporadically on Las Ramblas in his native Barcelona more than 20 years ago, announced he will soon release his eleventh studio album, which will be called Vuelame el corazón.

Known for his hits “Moving,” “Con la mano levantá,” and “ Tengo,” Macaco will continue to test his ability to mix rumba, reggea, funk, and classic sounds of Latin American music.

According to the press release, the new album will focus on relationships in love, "that swing of emotions so particular and at the same time so universal that the human speaks and theorizes since time immemorial." And if we talk about love, we must talk about the heart, which is “the organ that gives us life.”

It will be a work where the classic styles dominated by the Barcelona musician will coexist, with rhythmic bases full of energy, classic guitars and synthesizers, on an album where he will be accompanied by friendly voices from Spain and Latin America. The big question asked during the songs is: can romantic love coexist with conscious love?

For now, the singer, recognized for being a staunch defender of social causes and human rights, has already released two singles from the album: "Quiéreme bien" with Leiva, and "La Guerra de los besos," with Ana Mena and Bejo. The last song is pure cumbia, vindicating the importance of kissing and being kissed.

"Naturalness is the most difficult of the poses and the spontaneous kiss is the reflection of sincere love, without armor or strategies," said the singer.

A new genre all Macaco's own was invented to define the song: the galactic cumbia.

In an interview with the radio station Los 40 principales, he explained his desire to include cumbia along with “rap, reggea, rumba… there is a song in which I mix the rhythm of tango with very modern sounds.” For Macaco, the important thing is not the specific genre that works in each song, but that “people connect and dance. The important thing is that it moves something.”

Among the collaborations on the album are C. Tangana, Pucho and Valeria Castro, a new talent he discovered on social media and that deeply moved him. Macaco especially likes to promote artists who are starting their careers.

On this new album, where "love in this case is understood in plural," Macaco will continue to imprint his optimistic tone and the fight for the preservation of the environment. The Spaniard is one of those try to see the bright side of life, but hypocrisy especially bothers him.

"With the war in Ukraine, which is super serious, we are seeing it."

He says that we talk more about this because it is closer, but in "other wars that occur in Africa, with U.S. and European interests, everyone is silent."


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