Céu's appearance in the "Chega Mais" music video. Photo: Aline Lata, Urban Jungle Records
Céu's appearance in the "Chega Mais" music video. Photo: Aline Lata, Urban Jungle Records

Céu searches for hope with new cover album ‘Um Gosto De Sol’

AL DÍA spoke with the noted musician Céu to learn more about her latest project.


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May 27th, 2022


Céu has had an impressive output of music this decade thus far, adding to an already solid catalog starting with her lush self-titled debut album from 2005.

A composer and singer, the longtime musician returned this month for her new — and first — cover album, Um Gosto De Sol. The project was released through Urban Jungle Records.

The new record is her third project to be released this decade following the 2020 LP APKÁ and Acústico, a striped back acoustic collection from this past Summer. 

Um Gosto De Sol was released on Nov 12, 2021, arriving after years in the industry and five studio albums later.

How Um Gosto De Sol came to be

Introduced by a cover of Rita Lee and Roberto de Carvalho’s 1979 collaboration “Chega Mais,” Um Gosto De Sol features 14 covers ranging from samba classics to Beastie Boys, Fiona Apple and Jimi Hendrix.

In a way, Céu has always had a connection with covers, and always had loose plans to record her own collection one day. 

“My first plan when I decided to be a musician, to be a singer, was actually to sing music from other composers, not to compose,” Céu told AL DÍA

“I realized I wanted to write my own stuff, and the plan changed… but the plans of having an album of covers, my own versions, were always here with me,” she continued.

The time to record a cover album presented itself when the pandemic hit. Introspection sparked from retreating into one’s home led to the creation Um Gosto De Sol

Taking shelter in memory, Céu also took shelter in her most “comfortable and safe” place: music. Through music, she sought a means to feel better, and feel hope.

Céu reflected on her earlier performances and returned to the records she would listen to as a kid at her parent’s place, and the pop and rock she gravitated towards in teen years.

The Latin Grammy Award Winner from Brazil began her relationship with music through playing covers. She would later write her first song in 1998, while living in New York.

Céu recorded Um Gosto De Sol with the help of Pupillo, her husband — and producer of her past three albums — and Edgard Poças, her father.

“We’re pretty different on music,” said Céu. “[My father is] much more into bossa nova and traditional stuff… but I wanted to bring him also to show this part of my personality, so it was really nice.”

Paying attention to tradition, a heavy focus was placed on the Brazilian guitar. Céu utilized the acoustic instrument frequently throughout the record.

Influences behind Um Gosto De Sol

The album is named after the 1972 Milton Nascimento and Ronaldo Bastos track of the same title. With the tracklist, Céu intended to show layers of her personality.

“I wanted to show different layers from my personality in music,” said Céu. “Everyplace… samba...  jazz… I wanted to bring all these layers... rock, psychedelic that I love, roots samba… I love rap music and street culture… I tried to bring all these styles to my personal universe.”

Samba and Brazilian pop were particular focuses of the record. Um Gosto De Sol channels the heart of samba through representations of five distinct periods for the genre.

Past Brazilian pop tributes such as the aforementioned Rita Lee and Roberto de Carvalho single, a few cuts representing samba are João Gilberto's 1958 tune “Bim Bom” and Antonio Carlos & Jocafi “Teimosa” from 1973.

Speaking more introspectively, Um Gosto De Sol is an album about hope. 

With hopelessness surrounding the pandemic on many fronts, especially last year, Céu had not seen a reason to write new songs. 

Instead, the singer sought to uplift through shared history, music enjoyed in years past. In a way, the album was an attempt to strengthen what has been and what will continue to be. 

To Céu, Um Gosto De Sol  is a chance to become better and look inwards:

“To build this new moment, new time, new era, as I sing in the first samba... we have to look to ourselves and reconstruct ourselves,” said Céu. “In this sense, I think it’s an album that talks about hope.”

Céu’s cover album Um Gosto De Sol is now available to stream.


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