"TikTok is changing the way Generation Z listens to music.". PHOTOGRAPHY: The Kabs Family
"TikTok is changing the way Generation Z listens to music." Photo: The Kabs Family

Meet the four-year-old girl who sings to Selena Quintanilla on TikTok and her family of influencers

The Kabs family from U.K. triumphs on social media with videos of their four-year-old daughter singing "Bidi Bidi Bom Bom" or "Like the flower."



The Kabs are a family from the U.K. who take social media by storm with their familiar roles and a great sense of rhythm that has made them famous abroad.

Little Maiya Kabs, just over four years old, has millions of views every time she sits with her father singing in the car.

Her videos imitating the Texan queen Selena Quintanilla, posted in recent days and in which she can be seen singing fragments of popular songs such as "Bidi Bidi Bom Bom" and "Como la flor", have revolutionized the social network TikTok.


I told Mali I could speak 12 languages  I guess I wasn’t ready for the test lol Part 2 ##thekabsfamily ##Fyp ##fatheranddaughter

♬ original sound - The Kabs Family

Chan and Tay Kabs, 30, revealed in an interview for The Mirror how they have been able to quit their jobs to live off the income from social networks where they have 900,000 subscribers - for three years they have been posting material with the idea of becoming famous. Their case is one among millions.

Their success owes much to the great musical talent of their three children: Teija (11), Maluya (4) and TJ (1). Also to the crossing of family genealogies that allows that thanks to their relatives the girls are great polyglots: Portuguese, Twi, French, Spanish and English.

It is clear that what they have been able to do is to convert what are the usual family games, such as singing in the car on the way to work, into artistic content of a family type. They also have videos doing other activities such as karaokes or celebrating Yes Day.

TikTok and the music industry

What has happened now with the Kabs and the Selena Quintanilla song is one of the new viral loops of this social network.

A study by Uswitch revealed how songs become memetic material on TikTok, changing the consumption patterns of the Z generation.

Quintanilla is not the only great artist who will now see a rebound of classic songs. In October 2020, Fleetwood Mack's "Rumours" re-entered the Hot 100 from 1977 for similar reasons. The same thing happened with the track "Dreams," marking an unsuspected boom year for the band that reached 10 million new views in just ten days.

All sorts of new agents like the Kabs family are also benefiting from such meteoric rises produced by the social network so closely linked to viral dances. The Harlem Melii rapper saw her songs take off thanks to a Rihanna preview and a Kylie Jenner preview, while earlier this year Olivia Rodrigo saw the same thing happen with Drivers License, earning more than $2.1 million in royalties.

"TikTok is changing the way Generation Z listens to music. It has also given new and established artists another platform to promote their songs," said studio expert Rehan Ali.


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