El presidente López Obrador lleva más de un año prometiendo una consulta ciudadana sobre las corridas, mientras muchos estados ya han prohibido la práctica. Photo: El Sol de México.
President López Obrador has been promising a citizen consultation on bullfighting for more than a year, while many states have already prohibited the practice. Photo: El Sol de México.

Video: The unusual protest of a Mexican senator against bullfights

"Neither art nor culture, it is torture", this was the motto of the controversial Senator Jesusa Rodriguez, who decided to become a bull to embody its…


Hidden in the jungle

May 26th, 2022


It was only 43 seconds full of great drama, but the senator and animal rights activist Jesusa Rodriguez managed once again to sow the seeds of controversy in networks with a performance that has already exceeded 455,000 visits.

In this video, Rodriguez gets into the skin of a bull and simulates nailing herself the banderillas to denounce the violence of a hobby that she qualifies as barbaric and that in Mexico has a massive following, the bullfights. 

"Neither art nor culture, it's torture", says politics aloud while raising her arms to give herself the coup de grâce, dressed in white, with her eyes directed to the sky and her face constrained in a grimace of pain and terror. 

During her performance, the controversial senator affirms that bullfights should not be considered cultural heritage by UNESCO, while she tries, like many animalists in the country, to raise awareness about the necessary abolition of a practice that she describes as "anachronistic, violent, bloody and immoral in which animals are tortured," she says. 

A very peculiar politician

As El Universal points out, this is not the first time that Senator Jesusa Rodriguez has drawn the world's attention in a way that could be seen as "strange" or deliberately "eccentric" to a public leader. 

Rodriguez surprised voters last year by publicly asserting that every time a Mexican ate a taco of carnitas he was celebrating the fall of Tenochtitlan into the hands of the Spanish colonizers. 

Last week, in the midst of the debate on legalizing cannabis use in the country, the senator brought a marijuana plant to the Senate and compared its properties to female genitals. 

"Twenty years ago an Australian urologist made a description of how the clitoris works; before that we did not know how to use it. The same thing happens with marijuana," she said. 

Rodriguez added that "there is a complete program of misinformation so that people do not know the wonders that the plant can do for society when it is well regulated".

Her latest anti-bullfighting performance has provoked a barrage of malicious comments. While some wondered if the senator had been smoking cannabis when she came up with the idea, others said that it was a shame that a public official offered this type of "show" no matter how much some of the Internet users agreed with the abolition of this kind of wild hobby.

"I totally agree with you, madam, what is regrettable is your performance. All intention is lost and you only make us laugh at your ridiculous madness. Be serious, madam, there is only one legitimate struggle left with your stupidity," wrote one user on Twitter.

"We don't need this kind of ordinary, badly acted, meaningless and clumsy performance. If you have an initiative, present it and stop doing these damn ridiculous things," said another. 

The video, however, achieved what it set out to do, provoking internet users in the midst of the animalist debate. 

More when it is known that, according to a survey made by the newspaper La Reforma last 2019, more than half of the Mexicans are in favor of the prohibition of bullfights, and even President Lopez Obrador even said that he was evaluating a change in the Constitution in order to carry out a citizen consultation.

Some Mexican states have already advanced in the prohibition of bullfights, among them Sonora, Guerrero, Coahuila or Quintana Roo. However, according to Sputnik News, some 140 bulls are killed in the Mexico City bullring during the bullfighting season, adding to the approximately 250,000 bulls that are killed worldwide. 

Mexico is more than any other country, including Spain, the bullfighting capital of the world. But until when?


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