Cuéntame / Tell Me

Latinos in America are often viewed only through the lens of immigration and other hot-button “issues.” But here at AL DÍA, we know that there’s so much more to our stories than just what is shown in the mainstream media. With this new campaign, we’re taking your untold narratives from the shadows and showcasing your wisdom and observations in a space that aligns with the core of our publication’s mission: To empower Latinos to write their own story and define the Latino experience proactively.
20th anniversary of 9/11. Photo AL DÍA News

Together we will reconstruct the history of 9/11, a day that changed the world.

Cuentame Episode 11

The story of how a Panamanian singer has been able to grow a fan base in the United States as well as his home country.


A new episode that features the life of Sylvia Rivera, the state of Latinx Candidates, and Paulo and his two mothers. 

Cuentame Episode 10

The story of two sisters from Philadelphia who started a jewelry business to inspire women to come back to their faith. 

New episode of Cuéntame, featuring Juan Cerezo. Image: AL DÍA News

The story of how a young Colombian got into medical school after not having plans to attend college. 

Deisys Cake Shop

The story of a young baker from Kennett Square whose baking stands out from the rest in the community.