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Almagro acusó al Gobierno de Cuba de exportar “mecanismos de terror” a otros países de Latinoamérica, como Venezuela y Nicaragua, donde ciudadanos cubanos presuntamente han dirigido “torturas”. EFE

Havana has made it clear it has no interest in rejoining an organization it regards as 'an instrument of imperialistic domination.' 

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The built-in insanity of believing promise breakers will keep promises

 05/23/2018 - 15:22
Facsimile of former Councilman Angel Ortiz's report "The Illusion of Inclusion". Photo: Linn Washington.

Former Philadelphia City Councilman Angel Ortiz, the first Latino to serve on that legislative body, released a perceptive report in February 2001 that detailed deep discrimination in this city’s public and private sectors that deliberately disadvantaged racial minorities and women.