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SEPTA is phasing out token sales. Photo Samantha Laub /AL DÍA News
Celia Batista

SEPTA is using its website and social media platforms to invite passengers to join SEPTA Key, the company’s new fare system, and to inform riders that tokens sales are being phased out.

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[OP-ED]: Philadelphia DA Seth Williams: Cold to Injustice/Hot for Corruption?

 03/24/2017 - 15:41
At the very time Williams campaigned in 2009 on changing DA Office culture – like refusal to correct injustices – he engaged in the same conduct he condemned by rejecting pleas to help those cousins.

The 50-page federal indictment released recently that charged Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams with 23 counts of corrupt misconduct did not reference an egregious injustice committed by Williams that revolved around defiant refusal to acknowledge grievous errors.