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An undated handout photo released by Ford Motor Company on Mar. 23, 2011 shows a new Ford Ranger pickup truck drives through a stream at an undisclosed location.

Ford has recalled 2,902 units of the 2006 Ranger pickup trucks, equipped with an airbag made by the Japanese company Takata, after confirming that the death last year of an occupant of one of the affected vehicles was caused by an exploding airbag.

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PA State Department proposes to increase participation in elections

 03/10/2017 - 02:48
PA State Department Secretary, Pedro Cortés, spoke about his office's efforts to improve the electoral participation in the state. Photo: Peter Fitzpatrick/AL DÍA News

There is little to be done throughout Pennsylvania for the primary elections that will define who will be the candidates from each party that will compete to occupy judicial and executive positions in the different municipalities of the state. And, as is often the case in the election season, some of the concerns are focused on citizen participation.

Pedro Cortés, Secretary of State of Pennsylvania, spoke with AL DÍA News about the actions his office is taking to ensure that the largest number of residents exercise their right to vote in May and future days.

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Would Philly implement Vancouver's drug addiction treatment alternative?

 03/09/2017 - 04:10

In order to battle the number of overdose deaths and decrease crime rates related to drug trafficking, the city of Vancouver has created special facilities where heroin users could have easy and safe access to drugs. The strategy has run successfully for the past 13 years and is now being considered by Philadelphia as an alternative to the drug epidemic in the city.

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