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Delilah Dee, founder and CEO of Delilah & Company, a digital content and events agency, aimed to promote positive content. Photo: Yesid Vargas/AL DÍA News

After going through struggles of self-identity and mental health, young Philadelphia entrepreneur Delilah Dee used these experiences as an opportunity to reflect and make a change, not only for herself, but for others. Photo: Yesid Vargas/AL DÍA News

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Mark Diaz Truman: “Not everyone realizes that Latinos are behind some of their favourite games”

 03/29/2018 - 07:54
Mark Diaz Truman fundó MagpieGames en 2011 junto a su pareja, Melissa Kelly. Los dos son amantes de los juegos y querían trabajar juntos en algo más creativo. Tienen un equipo de trabajo diverso y procuran que en sus proyectos participen diseñadores de minorías. Foto: Magpie Games

Game developer Mark Diaz Truman talked with AL DÍA about the challenges of growing up as a fourth generation Latino in New Mexico and Arizona and becoming an entrepreneur in the game industry. His latest creation, "Cartel", is a role-playing game that encourages players to step in to the shoes of the narcos, sicarios, and esposas caught up in the Mexican drug war”