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The huge soccer Italian fans are called tifossi. They all dream that, after beating Sweden, Italy’s participation in Russia 2018 will be the turning point that will get this historical soccer country back to the elite of the sports world. 

In the summer of 2006 Italy defeated France in penalty kicks, after drawing 1-1 in regulation, to claim the World Cup title for the fourth time, becoming at the moment the only European country to achieve such record.

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[OP-ED]: Retirar la estatua de Rizzo, un momento decisivo para Filadelfia

 10/18/2017 - 08:11
Muchos de los que apoyan a Rizzo o a mantener su estatua donde está -frente a un edificio de oficinas de la ciudad, al otro lado del alcaldía- restan importancia a la brutalidad policial apoyada por él, alegando que simplemente fue un producto de tiempos que no reflejan el racismo sistémico. Samantha Laub/AL DÍA News

El arresto, en agosto pasado, de Brandon Templin por haber lanzado huevos contra la estatua de Frank Rizzo disipó un mito reconfortante para algunos: que la oposición a un monumento público en honor al polémico alcalde de Filadelfia era  solo una “cosa de negros”.

[OP-ED]: The worst day in the history of US soccer

 10/17/2017 - 16:44
Many defined it as the worst day in the history of US soccer. And it was. It is also true that Panama was awarded a score that did not cross the goal line, but it is also true that the final score at Trinidad and Tobago reaffirmed the saying: “Things that do not start right do not finish right”.  EFE

Everything seemed to be finally right after blowing out Panama in Orlando, 4-0. Team USA only needed a tie on the road against a weak Trinidad and Tobago team that had won one of nine qualifying games in the final six-team tournament to secure at least a wild card spot for Russia 2018. In fact, even a loss could get the Americans in the World Cup if either Panama or Honduras did not win…