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Trump doesn't rule out backing Senate candidate Moore Suspended Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore is surrounded by supporters during an address at the state judicial building in Montgomery, USA, Aug. 25, 2003. EPA-EFE FILE/JAMIE MARTIN

President Donald Trump on Tuesday did not rule out backing the Senate candidacy of Republican Roy Moore, who in recent days has been accused of sexual harassment by eight women, saying that any option is better than the presence of another "liberal" in the upper house.

[OP-ED]: Poverty In Philly But Trump Pushes Putrid Policies

 11/21/2017 - 13:46
Un asombroso 67 por ciento de los ciudadanos de Filadelfia de origen puertorriqueño vive en la pobreza, según el estudio publicado por el Philadelphia Research Initiative, vinculado al PEW Research Center.

For Philadelphia filmmaker Gilberto Gonzales the mere mention of the name Donald Trump unleashes an inferno of verbal fire citing failures of the President coast to coast on issues of import to Latinos from Trump’s readiness to squander millions on building that border wall to Trump’s “mishandling” of recovery efforts in Puerto Rico.